• Attachment Design & Manufacturing

    Weldco-Beales Manufacturing

    Weldco-Beales Mfg. designs and manufactures specialized heavy equipment attachments for construction, resource, forestry, mining, road maintenance, scrap metal and recycling industries. 

  • Heavy Steel Repair & Refurbishment

    Weldco Heavy Industries

    Weldco Heavy Industries is a large steel fabrication and repair facility located in the Fort MacKay Caribou Energy Park, ideally positioned in the heart of Alberta’s Oil Sands.

  • Truck-Mounted Cranes

    Weldco Hydra-Lift

    Weldco Hydra-Lift truck-mounted cranes are known for their tremendous lift strength and durability. Proudly manufactured in  Canada with the highest degree of quality and workmanship.

  • Technology & Innovation

    Weldco Tech

    Weldco Tech is dedicated to the innovation and development of new technologies that support Weldco products and services, specializing in a variety of digital solutions for the heavy equipment industry.

  • Premium Steel & Service Provider

    Maher & Co. Metals

    Partner to WBM, Maher & Co. Metals, is a premium provider of mild steel & specialty metals, supporting a range of industrial customers with a full suite of steel services.

    Our Vision and Mission

    Our vision is to be the leader in heavy steel industrial product design, manufacturing, service and support, trusted by OEM's, their dealers and end users. Our mission is to provide solutions that best support our customers' success. We stand behind what we design, build, and service; guaranteed.

    Our Values

    Weldco embraces the following values: Safety: In every aspect of our business, safety is the priority. We always take the time to do our work safely, no exceptions. Quality: Weldco's reputation of success is defined by our dedication to provide the utmost attention to quality in every task we do. Community: We foster a culture of trust and participation in our local communities, facilities, strategic partnerships, and our Inuvialuit ownership.

    Weldco Companies and our

    Northern Ownership

    Weldco Companies is a proud member of the Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC), which represents the Inuvialuit of the North-West Arctic. 

    The IDC is 100% Inuvialuit-owned with a wealth of experience, growing leader-businesses in a variety of industries. The Weldco Group of Companies strives to encourage and support beneficiary employment across all Weldco facilities.

    Head Office:

    12155-154 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5V 1J3 | Phone: +1 780 454 5244